nakikilala rin bilang ヤタル

Tagatulong Tagapagtatag

Kumusta, maligayang pagdating sa Wiki ng Hvetshran! Salamat sa pamamatnugot mo sa pahinang Talaksan:HvetshranPic.jpg.

Mangyaring mag-iwan ng isang mensahe sa pahina ko ng usapan kung makakatulong ako sa anumang bagay! Yatalu (talk) 20:20, Hunyo 25, 2013 (UTC)

Work Edit

Hey, tell me if there's something I can do in here. I feel useless. DX
~ Choko x

You can pick random pages from the English wiki and translate the first paragraph of it or so o- o. If you want to do the relevant pages first, those are on the main page, or in categories like Category:Basics or Category:Society or so. But you can also use the random page button.
@edit: there's also Template:Linguahe which you should place at the start of every article. c: its explanation is not yet translated, but it's the same as the English version, which you can find here.
Yatalu (talk) 13:47, Hunyo 28, 2013 (UTC)

Okay, I will, once I finish what is on my sand box. Btw, leave Arika's translation for a while, can I ask you to do the Mikoto the Cat Goddess first, since that's the article I am working on. ( ._.)
~ Choko x

lmsqdjfmqldjm third try typing the same message -- I'm having quite a bit of internet trouble today. orz Also, I'll start on the Cat Goddess now, I finished Arika, apart from the last sentence.
Yatalu (talk) 14:18, Hunyo 28, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks for the Mikoto translation~ :D Anyway, can I add a FUR in here? :O I am so used on my process of uploading, so.. yeah. But that is, if it is okay. And, the homepage, should it abide the original homepage, or it can look different, as long as someone can design it? Hmm.
~ Choko x

5 PagesEdit

Yay! \(*^*)/ Make some le changes now! \(*^*)/

And oh, can I also change my name color? :D
~ Choko x

Woot woot! Nice work there c: Also, if you're still on, I'm in the MaiOtome chat.
Yatalu (talk) 18:53, Hunyo 29, 2013 (UTC)

20 PagesEdit

Upgrade, please.
~ Choko


Hey, Yatalu-sama. T^T Sorry for not being able to work here lately, as I am prone on falling asleep on random times, and real life is keeping me busy, so.. Yeah. :( Sorry.
~ Choko

That's no problem c: feel free to give me a random Japanese thing to translate at times if you need one more for MaiOtome wiki. Also if you ever plan on joining the WLB for Tagalog, keep in mind that you can put yourself busy there too.
Yatalu (talk) 07:25, Hulyo 12, 2013 (UTC) 


Sorry for the delayed response. Anyway, had it translated. :)
~ Choko 20:11, Enero 10, 2014 (UTC)

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