Apqül is a female Hvetshran from a clan in the Swiss Alps, Blaux, who lived in the sixteenth century. She was originally married with a man from this clan, Sreuhi, and had four children with him: Trugac, Røtyek, Kliyo and Ekraiß. Kliyo was the most known of these, as the first Hvetshran noted to have set foot on Japanese soil.

When Apqül's husband wanted to adopt the boy Tamnun, she opposed the decision. Nevertheless, when Sreuhi died several years later, she raised the boy as if it were her own child. Several years after Sreuhi's death, Apqül remarried a female Hvetshran from Blaux who had also lost her husband. She outlived her new partner Nurra as well, who died at the age of 67. Apqül herself died at the age of 82.