• Yatalu

    Poll: Main page navigation

    August 13, 2013 by Yatalu

    Dear contributors,

    I'm bothering you again, this time to ask your opinion on a main page change I might or might not be pulling through. This blog compares the current main page's navigation with the one I made, as a sample, in my own Sandbox.

    The navigation we currently have on our Main Page, has two separate boxes, the second of which has two headers.

    Pro Contra
    • You don't need to click tabs, everything's right there: new people won't miss out anything
    • Each section can be longer or shorter than the other

    • It takes up a rather large amount of space and you'd need to scroll instead of click tabs

    The navigation I made in User:Yatalu/Sandbox works with

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  • Yatalu

    Dear contributors,

    Don't you think it's time for a new featured language? If the answer is no, then feel free to vote for July's featured Catalan; if the answer is yes, the other admins and I have hand-picked four other languages up for the vote:

    • Tagalog – not even two months old, our fastest-growing foreign wiki,
    • Dutch – with 28 pages our biggest foreign wiki,
    • German – after Tagalog and Dutch, still close to 20 pages,
    • Norwegian – also one of our bigger wikis, which got a bit of growth recently.

    For the ones who voted last month: we do realise that three out of five are the same as last month. If you feel like having a say in this, feel free to leave a message on my talk page to nominate one of our wikis before the start of September.

    @Update: Dutch …

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  • Yatalu

    Dear contributors,

    I believe it's time to announce an additional item to be added to this wiki: that of the featured language. While other wikis put their focus on featured article or featured image, I decided not to do that because almost all of it is my own work. Apart from that, the Hvetshran Wiki already has 18 languages and – more than the average Wikia wiki – focuses on making its content available in as many languages as possible.

    Now, onto the real business: which language will be the featured? I will allow you to pick that! From the 18 languages we have available, I have selected and nominated the following languages as possible featured languages:

    • Catalan
    • Dutch
    • Tagalog

    You will be able to vote up or down for all three of them below – bu…

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  • Yatalu

    Main Page make-over

    May 27, 2013 by Yatalu

    The Hvetshran Wiki Main Page finally got its make-over!

    Whether you did or did not know that a change was coming up, it's most likely obvious if you visited this wiki before today: our Main Page is looking entirely different now. No more navigation boxes that cover only half of the available space when viewing our homepage with Monobook, no more twitter feed that had to be cut in half: it's all clean now - or so I believe, at least.

    Where'd the right column's navigation box go? Gone, all gone! The categories that were linked in this box, Template:HomeNavigation, can all be found in the overall navigation on the left. They may have different pictures now, but are expanded with more important categories, that you might need as much as the ones…

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  • Yatalu


    May 10, 2013 by Yatalu

    Hello hvetshranologists!

    Even though pages about the wiki's organization don't show up in Special:AllPages nor are linked to from any content page, it is still important to note that major changes have been made very recently. Feel free to read this blog or only the section(s) of it that you are curious about, to find out about what has been going on.

    Any opinions or comments? You're more than welcome to leave them at the bottom of the page! A full list of all organisation pages can also be found at Special:AllPages, if you mark the namespace to be Hvetshran Wiki.

    We already have a couple of pages that are somewhat older and might not need an as elaborate introduction:

    • Hvetshran Wiki:Projects - list of pages on the wiki that need more work.
    • Hvet…

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  • Yatalu


    February 11, 2013 by Yatalu

    Okay, so I had absolutely not been planning on creating a language randomly out of the blue... but here I am, doing it after all. Apart from the fact that it is an easy way of creating a lot of pages in a rather short way, I do like what I made from it by now, and it probably helps putting more depth into the custom species.

    Apart from trying to create pages about a couple of different clans that don't have a lot of background yet, I also worked on a couple of like, really big pages that should really show a good image of what the Hvetshran species'd be like, such as Development, Habitat or even Bigamy.

    On the aspect of languages, I have also created a lot of language pages that should contain the basics of Hvetshrenu language: Grammar, Synt…

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