Name Grlyt
Type clan
Status active
Location Scandinavia
Cities Kiruna (Sweden)
Tromsø (Norway)
Inhabitants Hvetshran
Population approx. 130
 Minimum 100
 Maximum 150
Founded 19th century

Grlyt is a rather recent Hvetshran clan in the north of Scandinavia, founded by the merging of the small northern clans Treh and Lyøtk, from which a fairly unique clan hierarchy originated.

Name originEdit

The word grlut is the modern Hvetshrenu word meaning cave, referring to the type of settlement the Grlyt clan lives in. They refer to the settlement as "Gsa Grlyt" or Ice Cave[1] (gsa meaning ice), because the water in the cave's first rooms as well as lakes and rivers in the environment freeze due to the extremely cold winters.


Only existing since around 1840, the Grlyt clan has a fairly short history. The preceding histories of both clans that made Grlyt, go separate, with limited interaction between the two.

The merging questionEdit

Due to the decrease in numbers, the Lyøtk had to either look for a smaller cave or ask for a merge with Treh. Lyøtk's leader Iłec sent a request for negotiation to the Finnish clan, but the Norwegian clan was asked to point a location more southwards, where it would be dark less often and the chances for another famine to strike would be smaller.

After meeting up with a small group of both clans in north-Sweden, Treh explorers discovered a cave more southwards of Lyøtk's location in Norway. They offered moving there as a counter-proposal if Lyøtk would be willing to move south, as this location was big enough to house the Hvetshran of both clans.

This suggestion was received well, and while the discussion continued about the structure of a join clan hierarchy, both clan leaders had small groups of their members migrate to the new location.

Double leader systemEdit

Since neither clan was significantly bigger than the other, one of the conditions to merging was a joint clan leadership. Iłec and Treh leader Morag had agreed upon working out a fair and balanced system for both clans right from the start.

It was under influence of one of the two clan leaders' daughters, that the system got based out with one female and one male leader to keep the clan in harmony.



Known clan membersEdit



  1. The name Ice Cave has nothing to do with the Hvetshrenu word twahs (water or ice cave), as the structure itself is stone and the entrance accessible over land.