This page is meant to contain the wiki's bureaucrats, administrators, chat moderators, bots and other significant functions. Also, people who work on the project Hvetshran Wiki:International and who are admin of a foreign Hvetshran Wiki will be put on here as well, even if they have no special rights on the English language version.


The Hvetshran Wiki has four administrators. To read up on what they do or are able to do, check Hvetshran Wiki:Administrators.

150px-6720987.png Albugineous

User:Albugineous is new to Wiki environments, but is the coding master of this wiki family and admin of all Hvetshran wikis. Apart from that, he also has Asian skills.

150px-4679350.png Ethear

User:Ethear is Yatalu's alternate account. Set with preference to Monobook skin to allow easier switching between Oasis and Monobook, Yatalu also uses it to edit other wikis.

150px-1330470.png Thisismyrofl

User:Thisismyrofl, formerly Elecbullet, is admin of this wiki for technical help, because Yatalu is such a dummy. His awesome template-making and CSS skills helped this wiki a great deal.

150px-4142476.png Yatalu

User:Yatalu is the founder of the Hvetshran wiki and of all the wiki family's members so far. She is horrible at coding but as with any language understands enough of it to not make disasters happen.

International CrewEdit

150px-6152051.png ChokokuguzaNoTobira

User:ChokokuguzaNoTobira is the admin of the Tagalog wiki and a native speaker of the Tagalog language. He is mostly active on Fairy Tail and MaiOtome Wiki. Feel free to abbreviate his name c;

150px-1746375.png Ennocb

User:Ennocb is the admin of the German wiki, a native speaker of the German language and has done just about all the translation on that wiki. His favourite number is three.

150px-Josep_Maria_Roca_Pe%C3%B1a.jpg Josep Maria Roca Peña

User:Josep Maria Roca Peña is the admin of the Portuguese wiki. He's a Catalan user who speaks Spanish and Portuguese too, because he has been in Portugal for a while. He lives in Barcelona and wants an independent Catalonia, just like User:Piece enrik. He is 19 years old.

150px-1991783.png Piece enrik

User:Piece enrik is the admin of the Catalan wiki, a native speaker of the Catalan language as well as he cherishes the hopes for an independent Catalonia! He translated all of the Catalan wiki.

150px-1337218.png Vicyorus

User:Vicyorus is the admin of the Spanish wiki, a native speaker of the Spanish language and translated everything that's available in Spanish. Without him, the wiki would still be at only 1 page.


150px-7074754.png Botalu

User:Botalu is Yatalu's bot account and bot on all the wikis in the wiki family. On its talk page - since a talk page for a bot is kind of useless anyway - you can find the log of its contributions.