A Hvetshranologist is a person who studies Hvetshranology, a sub-branch of the science of demonology. Hvetshranology is the study that researches the Hvetshran demons. A lot of Hvetshranologists combine this research also with the hunting of the objects of their research.

First HvetshranologistsEdit


Hvetshranologists used to call themselves Demonologists still, since the average human did not know what a Hvetshran was and not all Demonologists appreciated this young sub-branch of their science.


The last couple of decades, the amount of Hvetshranologists who no longer hunt their objects of study, has increased tremendously. Apart from the ones who base themselves upon earlier works for their conclusions and/or limit themselves to using traces and abandoned shelters, a fair amount of reasearchers attempts to make contact with living Hvetshran. This is however not without risk and probably explains why the death toll among Hvetshranologists did not yet decrease much throughout times.