Khujmül is the hybrid language only existing of words (unlike Hvetshrenu, in which body language plays a role too) that the Hvetshran created in order to communicate official matters.


Languages usedEdit

Most words in Khujmül originate from Slovakian language. Polish comes on the second place, and on the third place are words from other Slavic languages (Russian, Serbian, ...). The extent in which Khujmül can still understood by a lot of people living in Slovakia and surroundings, shows that Hvetshran only changed little to the language and treated it almost like a dead language, as if it was supposed to be frozen in time.

Word usageEdit

A number of words that they took from the human languages they used to create Khujmül, are no longer contemporary used words. Apart from the ones that got out of use, there is also a fairly big number of words frequently used in Khujmül that sound archaic or overly formal for the human speakers of the original language.


Because Khujmül is not a language the Hvetshran learn maternally, they simplified the grammar of the local languages they adopted. Following Hvetshrenu grammar, they put the conjugated verb in infinitive instead of conjugating it with plural/singular.