Name Lyøtk
Type clan
Status merged into Grlyt
Location Scandinavia
Clans Treh
Cities Alta (Norway)
Inhabitants Hvetshran
Population approx. 140

Lyøtk is a no longer existing Hvetshran clan that had its home place in Finnmark, Norway. They used to be a fairly big clan, but lost a lot of their members due to a famine around 1815. Somewhere in between 1820 and 1850, they merged with Treh to increase their numbers again, together forming the clan Grlyt.



The origins of the Lyøtk clan most likely lie in the eighth century. With a few dozens of members, they were the only group of Hvetshran in Scandinavia that could pass as a clan, and therefore had a – for the norms of that time – decent influx of new members. Their base group of ancestors most likely separated from a clan that must have lived somewhere in the south of either Sweden or Norway.

Other clans that clan members must have emigrated from and immigrated into would include the clan in southern Scandinavia, Treh, and possible other clans in the southern regions of Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, and the eastern regions of Finland, Russia and the Baltic states.

1800s' starvationEdit

At the beginning of the 1800s, severely cold winter temperatures caused both the clan members of Lyøtk and the animals that served as their supplies to decrease drastically. Due to not only the cold, but also the lack of food, a lot of Hvetshran died.

Notable membersEdit

  •  Iłec (nineteenth century)