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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template:HVdict is used to format the pages of Category:HVdict, the Hvetshrenu dictionary pages.

Empty parameters

|meaning     = 
|usage       = 
|wordtype    = 
|usagenotes  = 
|etymology   = 
|derivations = 
|example     = 
|related     = 

Parameters meanings

|meaning     = <English meaning(s) of the word>
|usage       = <is the word of common usage/obsolete/other>
|wordtype    = <noun, verb (+ type), adjective, ...>
|usagenotes  = <additional gestures or information on usage>
|etymology   = <if its the derivation or uses the base of another word>
|derivations = <words that use this word or its base>
|example     = <sentences that include this word>
|related     = <words of related/opposite meaning>

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