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This template should be used to put all interlanguage links on pages of this wiki. It should be put entirely at the top of the page. One exception are portals, where it should be place after the portal's template. The portal's content should be only these two templates, nothing more.

When adding this template to a pages, do not forget to add the equivalent template to all of the page's foreign versions. The template however is called differently on every wiki: Sjabloon:Talen on the Dutch, Templat:Bahasa on the Indonesian, etc.


Typing this template out manually follows the next syntax:

|language code = Title of foreign page
|language code = Title of foreign page

The language code always exists of two or three letters (ar:, ja:, no:, ...). Since the foreign versions are translations of the English, every page should also have only one foreign equivalent. An exception to this are (EN) pages, where the page needs to be linked with its closest translation, or not at all if the words do not mean the same thing.

This template in other languages

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