Name Sthn
Type clan
Status reformed into Treh
Population Hvetshran
Sthn is a long-gone Hvetshran clan that used to live in the northwest of Russia, a handful of miles off the west or southwest of the White Sea.


When this clan came into being, is not very clear, but on the location of its old settlement, Hvetshran skulls of some thousands of years old could be found. An old skeleton of an animal that showed bitemarks similar to a Hvetshran's was also found in this place. It has been traced back to the third millennium B.C.


In twelfth century, the Hvetshran came in touch with Russian villagers more southwards of where they lived, which was not a very good encounter. The humans attempted to start a hunt against them, but it was pulled off several times because it was too small-scale. Due to this, the clan moved about thirty kilometres northwards.

Eventually a couple of villages and a small town came together for the purpose of chasing away the Hvetshran from coming so much southwards. Because of their great success on this mission, they followed them on their way back to the clan and attacked their settlement, but they were attacked in the back by Hvetshran outside the clan, and left it at that, however having done severe damage to Sthn.


  • Approx. 5,000-3,000 B.C. – formation
  • 8th century
    • Leadership of Mnař
    • Leader Mnař resigned and passed on the leadership to Tkul
  • 10th century – leadership of Shyar
  • 13th century
    • Leadership of ẞury
    • Human raid on the clan
  • Approx. 1400 – merge with a small group of solitary Hvetshran into Treh

Notable clan membersEdit