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Name Treh
Type clan
Status merged into Grlyt
Location Finland
Clans Lyøtk
Cities Sodankylä (Finland)
Inhabitants Hvetshran
Population approx. 110
 Minimum 80
 Maximum 130
Founded 13th century
Disbanded 19th century

Treh is a no longer existing Hvetshran clan from Finland. Throughout their history, they always were a rather small clan, counting a hundred member at the most. In the first half of the nineteenth century, they merged with the clan Lyøtk to form Grlyt. Treh is especially known because of its fairly high percentage of light-skinned Hvetshran, a trait which they brought into the Grlyt clan as well.

Name meaningEdit

Treh is not named after Finland, of which the Hvetshrenu word is treh as well. The clan is named after its founder, Treh. The first decade however, the Treh clan did not regard themselves as a clan, as they were a gathering of different groups of people. As this gathering however became a more harmonious family and the number was big enough for them to regard themselves as such, they decided to take up Treh as clan name, for their scions to forever remember the founder's great deeds.



The base of the clan was a gathering of the handful of younglings that followed Treh, the remaining members of the Russian Sthn clan and several wandering members across Finland, the Baltic lands and Russia. Treh remained the leader of this clan until a couple of years before his death, mainly profiling it towards others as the home for light-skinned Hvetshran 

1800s' starvationEdit

In the nineteenth century, cold winters came across the land and the food became limited. As a response to this, the clan was split into three parts. One part stayed on the original location, while the other two were sent southeast and southwest, where it was warmer and prey would be easier to find. Due to this, the clan outlived this period quite well.

Notable membersEdit

  • Treh (thirteenth century)
  • Morag (nineteenth century)