Zrrv is the name of a small Hvetshran clan from Slovakia and one of the three clans of the Stygian Triangle. This clan however underwent an attack; its survivors and their descendants are now part of other clans, mostly Slovakian and other clans from the neighbourhood.

Name originEdit

The name of the clan, Zrrv, is the non-aspirated form of the archaic Hvetshrenu word hzrrv, meaning wind, of which the modern word is cüns. Words such as gehzr (strong wind, gale, storm), hüsr (cold wind, biting wind) or hzurn (soft wind, breeze) still derive from this archaic word's base.

The choice of the name came out of the fact that there were often winds in the Zrrv living place, which was quite a hilly area near/in a forest. Zrrv's Hvetshran families could often hear the wind going through the trees from inside their houses.



The Zrrv settlement was set up on a hill slope, on an open space mostly surrounded by forest. Downwards the hill streams a small river, and the nearest human village is a couple of miles away from where the Zrrv Hvetshran live.


Most of the settlement is built underground.


Early timesEdit

Zrrv is rumored to be as old as the clan Kashe.


In Victorian era, they became the target of a group of demon hunters.

Known membersEdit